The Tartarus has a partial engine failure and must stop in a nearby port, Keterburg Bay, for repairs. Upon arriving in town, it is revealed that Jade, Dist, and Emperor Peony of Malkuth were all raised in this same city. Jade meets with his sister, Nephry, the governor of the city, and made arrangements for the ship to be repaired. While they are stranded in the city, Jade speaks of his past to Luke and reveals that he and Dist, formerly called Saphir, had experimented with replication and fonic artes. One day, Jade unleashed a fonic arte that he was unable to control; which, resulted in the death of his instructor, Professor Nebilim. This sparked his research into fomicry, as he attempted to create a replica of Nebilim, but was unsuccessful. He was then adopted into a military family and through his military career gathered data from corpses on the battlefield to fuel his research, earning him the title of "the Necromancer." The ship is soon repaired, and Luke and the others set sail for Grand Chokmah.