Yulia jue

"The planet composing of the seven fonons, Auldrant. Ever since the founding, it once again disappears into history. The current world is split into two countries, Kimlasca and Malkuth, as they strive to maintain peace. The creator, Yulia Jue, the first Seventh Fonist, who founded the Order of Lorelei. From which the score was revealed, a prophecy from the planet's birth into the future.The dedicated Order of Lorelei became the mental mainstay of the people. In this world controlled by the Score, a stone fragment was scattered, causing great chaos to the once harminous world."

-English introduction to the first episode.

"ND 2000. In Kimlasca one shall be born who inherits the power of Lorelei. He will be a boy of royal blood, with hair of red. He shall be called 'Light of the Sacred Flame', and shall lead Kimilasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity. ND2002. The one who siezes glory will destroy his island of birth. He will be named Hodo. Afterwards, the hostility between Kimlasca and Malkuth will continue for another turning of the seasons."

-Yulia, Beginning of episode 1.

The Score is a prophecy made by Yulia Jue. It contains many thing for the good future because Yulia loves the earth. After then, she broke the score so that the one who never heard the score can know.

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