The Dark Wings capture Fon Master Ion and brought him before Asch the Bloody, who bears a striking resemblance to Luke. Meanwhile, Luke and the others make preparations to leave for Akzeriuth. Van embarks on a decoy ship while Luke and the others make their way to Chesedonia by land. Learning that the God-Generals are guarding the exit to the city, Luke and the others made their way through an underground passage, where Princess Natalia joins them on their quest. Asch brings Ion to the other God-Generals aboard the Tartarus, where Luke and the others confront Asch. Luke is shocked by the fact that Asch looks exactly like him; Asch and the God-Generals make their escape. Using a telepathic link which Asch tells Luke he should understand, Asch instructs Luke and the others to follow them to the Zao ruins.