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noelle (ノエル noeru) is a pilot that helps Luke and his friends to fix the world from the disaster, Van Grants and Mohs by flying them in the Albiore II to where they need to go.


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Ginji Edit

Ginji is her big brother, he is a pilot too. He is first seen after you save him from falling to his death in the Albiore I in the Meggiora Highlands.

Iemon (Ee-uh-mon)Edit

Iemon is her grandfather, his name is not Lemon like some people think.

He, along with Aston and Tamara, created the Albiore I and II. Together, the three of them are well-known as Sheridan's Class M by fon machine fanatics like Guy, and are well-known for their rivaly with Belkend's Class I, Hencken, Spinoza, and Cathy.

Unfortunately, Noelle's emotions weren't really highlighted after the Sheridan Massacre before neutralizing the core with the Tartarus in either the game or the anime. She was most likely devastated by the loss.