Luke and the others arrive in Grand Chokmah, where they are denied entry due to a security lock down. Jade, as a colonel of the Malkuth military, is allowed entrance, and the others are forced to wait outside where they are attacked by Largo. Guy's curse slot is then activated by Sync causing him to attack Luke. The Malkuth military intervenes; hence, prompting Largo and Sync to retreat. Ion reveals that the curse slot can only work if the person possessed a strong desire to kill their target, which makes Luke wonder how he had wronged Guy in the past. He asks Guy about this, and Guy reveals that he was initially from the Island of Hod, and Luke's father led the attack which destroyed the city. Luke and the others then meet with Emperor Peony, and Kimlasca officially declares war upon Malkuth. Desperate to stop the war, Luke and the others volunteer to go to St. Binah and rescue the citizens before the city sinks into the Qliphoth. Although Luke and the others manage to rescue the majority of the citizens, many are still on a portion of the land as it begins to sink. As Luke bemoans his inability to save them, an airship arrives to assist in the rescue.