Luke and the others race to the top of the tower to stop Asch from completing his plan of sacrificing himself with the Replicas in the tower to rid the world of Miasma. As they talk it over, Dist makes his appearance once more in another machine. The others fight, but Jade gets in the last blow with Mystic Cage and kills him. Debating continues on whether the Replicas have a place in the world or not afterward. Asch leaves it to them to decide to sacrifice themselves or not. At Kimlasca, Jade pointed out that with using Luke as the one to sacrifice the Replicas, they can save Asch, the original. Luke's friends, especially Tear, tries their best to talk him out of it, but Luke chose this for himself, despite the high chance that he won't survive it. The Replicas decide to go through with it as long as the ones that were not in the tower were to have a place in the world. Before Luke could begin, Asch tried to interfere, but Luke grabbed the Key of Lorelei and begun the transference. The Seventh Fonons began dispersing, so Asch stepped in to assist him. This little teamwork showed that Luke had the Jewel of Lorelei all along as it revealed itself while Luke's body was fading like the other replicas were. A bright light filled the world as the Miasma was completely removed from the surface. With the Jewel of Lorelei in Luke's possession, Asch leaves the group again. Jade suggests that Luke get an examination in Belkend before continuing on. Luke said he was ok, but Jade knew better and so Luke told him the truth, that he was slowly dying. Only two others heard this as they were right outside the room, Tear and Mieu.