The Song Karma or "Meaning of Birth" is the theme song in ToA the Animation and in the japanese version of the game. In the English version of the game you can only hear it as an instrumental intro: ==English Translation: ==

A glass bead fell, and as I was chasing after it another one fell

Only one remains in a place in the sun

Once a heart starts beating it’s unpleasant but people take their place

And they continue to protect it so, that it cannot be taken

The hands I tried to keep clean still seemed dirty

Before I am doubtful of the memory, it is the memory that is doubtful of me


Surly we will meet – following the sound of the same heartbeat

I am here, and can call you anytime

When my tired reasons pile up, swaying

I learn the meaning of my birth

In a mirror I see the form of our dirty hands lightly touching

Whose purpose is to reflect our respective karma

I am here, and indeed we are touching

We both are there – in a single place in the sun

Refrain II:

Don’t forget I can call you anytime

From within this same glass bead

Yes, surely we will meet

When we raise a cross on our buried reasons – the promise is fulfilled

And we become one