Returning from their rescue mission, the group sees that war has broken out between Malkuth and Kimlasca. Wanting to halt the war, they split into two groups to approach the rulers of the two kingdoms, with Jade, Anise and Ion going to seem Emperor Peony in Malkuth. Luke, Natalia, Tear, Guy, and Mieu go to Kimlasca, but when they arrive at Baticul, Grand Maestro Mohs declares that Natalia is not the true princess. The real daughter of the king and queen died in childbirth, but to avoid grieving the queen, her attendant replaced the dead baby with her daughter's recently born child, Merle. Denouncing Natalia as a traitor to the kingdom for being a false princess and Luke for his role in the destruction of Akzeriuth, the group is lead away, with Guy and Tear put in the dungeon and Natalia and Luke put in a private room. They are brought poison to drink to end their shame in a "dignified" fashion, but Luke destroys the glasses. Ashe frees Tear and Guy who rescue Luke and Natalia from the room.