The miasma has reached nearly critical levels across the surface of Auldrant, and Kimlasca and Malkuth struggle to come to a solution. When they are unable to do so, however, Jade suggests that an amplified hyperresonance might be able to destroy the miasma, however, in order to affect the entire world, it would require both an amplifier such as the Sword of Lorelei and a large number of Seventh Fonons: approximately equal to those found in 10,000 living Seventh Fonists. Asch overhears this conversation and determines to use replicas as they too are composed of Seventh Fonons. The zombie-like replicas that formerly served Mohs have begun to gather at the Tower of Rem in the Qliphoth, and Asch has headed there in order to sacrifice their lives to fuel his hyperresonance. Realizing that Asch has overheard this and is likely to attempt this, Luke and the others race to the tower in pursuit and arrive moments after Asch, who has just begun his ascent up the tower.