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Guy Cecil
Guy cecil
Vital statistics
romanji name Gai· seshiru
kanji name ガイ·セシル
Ispanian name Guy Cecil
race Human
birth date Ifrit Decan 41
age 21
gender Images Male
height 6'
weight 174 lbs
eyes Blue
hair Blonde
occupation Servant in the manor of Baticul
relatives Mary Cecil (Older sister)

General Cecille (Cousin)

Eugenie Cecille (Aunt)

Van grants (Servant and Old friend)

first appearance
manga debut chapter 1
anime debut Episode 1
Seiyū Yasunori Matsumoto

Guy Cecil's original name is Gailardia Galan Gardios.


Young guy

Young Guy.

His hair is blonde and styled in a messy manner, and he has deep azure eyes. He is considered very attractive.


He is Luke's servant and personal attendant in the manor in Baticul.

It is later revealed due to the curse slot Sync the Tempest placed on him in Chesedonia, that Guy went to the manor for revenge. He had originally planned to kill Luke, his mother, and the other maids and servants except for Pere, who raised him, because Luke's father led the attack on Hod, being the one to kill Guy's family.

Guy spent around five years or so living in St. Binah with Pere right after the Hod War. This was most likely when he started planning his revenge. This is his reason for wanting to save the city as it was falling.

Guy's real name is Gailardia Galan Gardios, and he is the son of Zygmunt Gardios, the Count for the Isle of Hod.

Guy was childhood friends with Van, and swore revenge for Hod together with him in the manor, later deciding that Van's plans were crazy and joining his best friend Luke and the rest of his group instead.

Guy has a deeply rooted phobia of women, resulting in being unable to touch them. He loves women, and as he says at one point, "Loves looking at beautiful women" but he is unable to be too close to them. His reactions to being too close to them are often comical, but are later known to be because of his older sister's death during the Hod war. He recalls seeing Mary and the other maids being slain right in front of him on his fifth birthday, and after the incident he was left unconscious underneath his sister's body and covered in her blood, resulting in his phobia. For a long time afterward, Guy's mind repressed the memory, so he didn't know that was why he had his phobia. He was finally able to remember after seeing Pamela Tatlin (Anise's mother) protecting Ion from an attack by a liger.

He is also a smooth talker, causing most of the maids in the manor to be smitten with him. In the beginning of the game, he can be seen being cornered by two maids, one of which is trying to get him to go on a date with him. As he still had his phobia at this point, he was more traumatized by the event than anything else. He is also seen to be outright complimenting the females of the group with little reason, leading to them being fond of him and his kindness.