Florian is the one of the 7 replicas of the original Ion.


Florian was named by Anise Tatlin. It means "innocent one" in Ancient Ispanian. He looks identical to Ion but seems to look more as a child having bigger eyes than Ion (at least in the Anime). His voice is also the same as Ion's.


Florian und Anise

Florian as he appears in the anime

He was "born" in N.D.2015 along with the other replicas by Mohs and Van using fomicry. He is one of those who survived - the other one being Sync. When the other replica where thrown into the Mt. Zaleho volcano, he was able to escape from there just like Sync. He ended up in the forest eating grass and mice until Mohs eventually found him. Mohs was suprised, that this replica was strong enough to survive and took him with him; he gave him food and water but also locked him up to use him in case something happenes to the 7th Ion. After the death of the 7th Ion, Mohs forces him to read the score, but he is rescued by Tear, Anise and Jade who killed Mohs.

Anise then gives him the name Florian and takes him to Peony IX of Malkuth. In the end Anise's parents take care of him in Daath.


Anise TatlinEdit

Anise is the one who takes care of Florian. Anise and Florian also work together in the reformation of the Order of Lorelei. Anise is the one who gave Florian his name.


His story is told in the Nippon Novel Shiro no Ashita Vol. 2