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Dist the Reaper

Dist the Reaper

Dist the Reaper alias Dr. Saphir Orition Gneiss is one of the God Generals and commander of the 2nd division of the Oracle Knights. As a child he lived in Keterburg and called himself a friend of Jade Curtiss (Jade Balfour). He was a genius but also a crybaby. After joining the God Generals, he gave himself the name Dist the Rose. He is actually called Dist the Reaper by the rest of the world. With the exception of Jade who calls him Dist the Runny because his nose always starts to run when he gets upset. Dist refuses both names Reaper and Runny - but still no one calls him Dist the Rose.


When Dist was a child he was called Saphir (Saphiru/Saphere) and like Jade a genius. When Jade failed in controlling the 7th fonon and their teacher Prof. Gelda Nebilim died (Saphir really admired her) the two of them used fomicry to revive her - but the replica was a failor and ran out of controll. Different to Jade, Dist never give up on the idea to replicate and revive Prof. Nebilim - so he went on doing research and created a machine with which everyone could be able to use the fomicry thechnique.


Dist appears the first time at St. Binah - where he tries to force Sync to call him "Dist the Rose" but he wouldn't listen and the other God Generals leave Dist behind. The next time the party meets him along with Sync the Tempest at Choral Castle where he opens Luke's Fon Slots so Asch could come in contact with his replica. They also wanted to analyze Luke's replica data but Sync loses it to Guy Cecil.


Young dist

Young Dist

He appeared to be with a very short hair, being called by his birth name, during his childhood days.



Jade Curtiss Edit

Jade was Dist's former partner. Both of them were best friends and classmates. Dist was attached to Jade. He wasn't wicked in his childhood. But, due to his teacher's accidental murder by Jade, Dist attempted to resurrect her with him, but all of it was in vain. This made him join Van's gang, for he endlessly struggled to create a replica of Prof. Nebilim, their teacher.

Nephry OsborneEdit

Nephry is Dist's friend.

Prof. NeblimEdit

Prof. Neblim is Dist's teacher. He helps Jade make her replica.


Peony is Dist's friend.


Dist helps Mohs destroy the Outer Lands.