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Luke's original replica
Vital statistics
romanji name Asshu
kanji name アッシュ
Ispanian name Asch
race Human
birth date
age 17
gender Images Male
height 171 cm
weight 68kg
eyes Moss green
hair Scarlet
affiliation God-General
occupation 6th Division Commander of Special Operations
relatives Duke Crimson Herzog fon Fabre (Father)

Duchess Susanne fon Fabre (Mother) King Ingobert VI (Uncle) Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear (Cousin) Luke Fon Fabre (replica)

first appearance
manga debut
anime debut Episode 3
Seiyū Chihiro Suzuki

Asch (アッシュ, Assu) or "Asch the Bloody" is the original of replica and protagonist Luke. He is always very angry and bitter towards Luke because Luke stole his life, family and fiance Natalia from him seven years ago.

Asch is the one who made the promise with Natalia that she keeps talking about to Luke in the beginning of the game. It is clear later on that he still harbors feelings for the princess, though he tries to hide it.

Asch is a God-General and in charge of Special Operations in the Oracle Knights. Though after the events in Akzeriuth, he cuts ties with Van and works on his own, employing the Dark Wings to gather information and work for him.

After a duel to determine "who the real Luke is," in which Luke wins, Asch hands over the Key of Lorelei and stays behind to fight off Van's Oracle Knights.

The many wounds Asch obtains fighting off the knights kills him, but in his last moments he forms a mental link with Luke, transferring his fonons and granting Luke a new ability.


Luke VS asch

Luke VS Asch